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In my thoughts

Its been quite awhile since I have posted, but im sitting here in my thoughts and really needed an outlet to express what I am feeling. 

  So I started this blog a couple

e of years ago. I started it with the intentions of growing my brand, finalky having a voice and really focusing on something I am truly passionate about. Intentionally I envisioned posting everydau having all kinds of wonderful shit to talk about and taking cute ass pictures. That happened for a few months. Then it went downhill. I lost my mojo as real life set in and I realized life as a a “blogger” is hard fucking work. Its a literal commitment like my 9 -5 job. 

 I have no regrets but now I am looking to finding my way back. I am looking to really focus in branding, having great content and having a career that I truly love.  With all that being said I cannot promise thst my new change in attitude will hapoen overnight but I am praying that because I am now conscious of what I want I am determined to figure out how to get it .  #boss #stlblogger #branding #blogging 

Vintage Find

Awesome vintage find from this weekend from  The Bellerive Day yard sale  in South St.Louis city. Fun day out with the girls looking for rare and unique vintage finds. One of thest part of the day was getting to see so many beautifully landscaped backyards ! But by far the best deal and best part of the day was my vintage Etienne Aigner navy clutch. Did I mention only 3 bucks! The burgundy interior is clean and intact. Cannot wait  to carry this one !