In my thoughts

Its been quite awhile since I have posted, but im sitting here in my thoughts and really needed an outlet to express what I am feeling. 

  So I started this blog a couple

e of years ago. I started it with the intentions of growing my brand, finalky having a voice and really focusing on something I am truly passionate about. Intentionally I envisioned posting everydau having all kinds of wonderful shit to talk about and taking cute ass pictures. That happened for a few months. Then it went downhill. I lost my mojo as real life set in and I realized life as a a “blogger” is hard fucking work. Its a literal commitment like my 9 -5 job. 

 I have no regrets but now I am looking to finding my way back. I am looking to really focus in branding, having great content and having a career that I truly love.  With all that being said I cannot promise thst my new change in attitude will hapoen overnight but I am praying that because I am now conscious of what I want I am determined to figure out how to get it .  #boss #stlblogger #branding #blogging 


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