Month: June 2015






A line dress

Glamorous white shirt
$16 –

Ted Baker pleated skirt
$155 –

High heel shoes
$16 –

GEDEBE python handbag

Black stud earrings
$13 –


New Chic On The Block

andraandra 2


So last night while watching the #BETAWARDS they featured a new artist to look out for named Andra Day. When I tell you the first thing that I saw was the cool vintage vibe she had going on. From the hair , makeup and clothes , her style truly spoke to me personal aesthetic. Then to top it off such an ultra cool and unique voice this young lady has. I had to YouTube her and listen to some more of her music. She has covered such songs such as Eminem ” Lose Yourself” and “Uprising” by Muse. She is definitely an artist I plan to follow and hear more from. Please do yourself a favor and check her out.

Claiming What’s Mine



Speak-Believe-Receive….. This is a skill that I am learning on a daily basis. I have some really good opportunities going on in life right now and usually I would sit around and wonder and wish that certain things would happen for me. But the amazing thing about God is that he has this amazing way of aligning the stars of your life at the perfect time. Sometimes certain events that happen in your life just feel right. I’m kinda feeling that vibe right now. I so truly believe amongst all the hardships I’m currently dealing with that there is a silver lining just within my grasp. I’m totally speaking, believing and ready to receive the blessings God has for me. I’m so ready to enjoy this ride.



Do you ever sit back and think of all the goals in life you want to fulfill? All the places you want to go? And the most beautiful places you want to live? I think about it pretty much on a daily basis. Most times these things seem so unobtainable in this everyday 9-5 lifestyle I live in. Day to day, it seems for me, that I am living check to check and trying to figure a way up the ladder. So it dawned on me. What is my vision? What is my brand? What are my goals? A good friend of mine told me how her and her girlfriends got together one day and created vision boards. I’ve always heard of them but never took time out of my day to create one. Well today I decided I will create my own virtual vision board. Up above are all the dreams and aspirations I want to acquire in life. I am changing my thought process from the unobtainable to reality. I am a firm believer in positive thoughts bring upon positive outcomes. Through God, hard work, and determination I believe your hearts desires can come to fruition. With that being said go ahead ladies create your vision, create your brand and determine your path in life. Its too short not to enjoy it!!!!!!

A W A K E v neck dress

Mid calf dress

Heeled sandals

Chateau Grillet Pontcin white wine 750ml

Japan Centre Melon Pan Sweet Bread 100g