Month: November 2014

In Deep Thought

Happy Monday Evening!

Not too bad for a Monday for me today. I was pretty productive at work and the day went by pretty quickly. As I was “working hard” today I couldn’t help but be in deep thought about something that has been on my mind. See I’m one of those people that hte to be in suspense and must always know whats going on. So my lesson for today is a two part. First and most importantly “Let Go and Let God”. Learning to be patient is a struggle for me but I am definitely learning. My second epiphany of the day is to just “Breathe”…Literally take a minute to just breathe. I’m learning to just breathe in all the blessings tjat are bestowed upon me daily. With that being said this girl is about to curl up with my social media and a little TV and call it a night. Later on this week I will be styling up my very cute new boots,my sassy ,hip amd beautiful mother in law gave me. She didn’t like em and politely gifted them to me. You know what they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”….Nighty night all….


I Feel Good!!!

This past weekend was one of the best in awhile. I got to hang with family and friends and really enjoy myself. So we know Halloween was on October 31st,on the spur of the moment I thought of a unique idea to pay homage to the iconic The Commodores and I made myself a “Brickhouse” (pun intended)! Had a really great night and the kids got to trick or treat too. The next day was one of my besties 35th Birthday Masquerade Party! It was an afternoon of decorating and evening of good food, friends and family. Had such an awesome weekend! I guess what’s up next is the holiday season. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about that yet but we shall see.