Month: September 2014

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday!!!! Ready to start this new week and looking forward to the upcoming St.Louis Fashion week. It’s been awhile since I have been but I’m excited to get back in the scene and see what St.Louis has to offer !!! Have a great day all…

Lady Chic

While strolling through Plaza Frontenac “window shopping”

I saw this in the window at Kate Spade… This is my definition of Lady’s very lady like but there is something about it so chic…Definitely my style! ! Iā™”Kate Spade!!!

Transition Period

Hello All,

Its been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been going through a transition period in my life. All for the good! So I have not had a chance to jump online a whole lot. When you are going through a transition in your life its sort of like the seasons changing. As fall comes swiftly around the corner, I look forward to all the blessings that come my way. I pray for guidance and understanding and I pray that anyone that is not truly for me,be moved away from. I also ask that as I try to transition to new places in my career I pray the the Lord leads me to somewhere where I am truly at peace. Be on the lookout for new fashion posts for the fall. I look forward to seeing you then !!!!!!