Month: July 2014

Feeling Lucky. …

Ever feel like all the stars are aligned just for you? Like it’s your time to shine?? After a stressful,emotional roller coaster this week, I’m feeling good and that things maybe finally be going my way!!! So to showcase this new attitude, here are some bold prints I’ve paired with solid colored tops!! Never be afraid to mix it up !!! And be bold!!!


Had a wonderful and blessed day today!!!!! Just wanted to thank you Lord for all that you do!!!!! # too blessed to be stressed!!!

Pinterest Addiction

I have a serious Pinterest addiction.. I have literally been on and off it all through out the day….As I have been scrolling through, I noticed a ton of Tulle skirts… so cute ..! Is this the newest trend????? I love them!!! On the lookout for one. Check out a collection of some of my favorites!!!